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We are hosting a bar crawl to raise money for the first-ever LGBTQ+ youth summer camp in Oklahoma! 100% of the money raised will be donated to Camp Fire Green Country to help send an LGBTQ+ kid, or ally, to summer camp!


Camp Pride is the first-ever LGBTQ+ youth summer camp in Oklahoma. It's goal is to provide a welcoming and safe environment for youth to experience outdoor activities, create friendships, and learn new life skills. Camp Fire Green Country will hold space for individuals who have found overnight trips and activities inaccessible due to their gender identities or sexual orientations. This camp is for youth of all genders, gender expressions, sexual and romantic orientations, and to the allies who support them. Activities include rappelling, kayaking, archery, crafts, sling shots, outdoor games, swimming, fire building, and much more!


Presented by Camp Fire Green Country near Wagoner, OK

Ages 8-18

June 20-25, 2021

Lake Ft. Gibson at Camp Waluhili


We are raising money to help provide scholarships in order to send kids to the camp for free. If you are interested in signing someone up for this camp, or receiving a scholarship to the camp, please visit or call 918-592-2267

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